hey dudes! check out this huge picture of rice cakes!


fuck! i'm even pretty fuck'n jazz'd 'bout that url aswell!

god damn! i'm even type in rhyme!

this post is going down hill...

neely got an official youtube channel! fist-pounds all around guys!

shit. am i doing it again?

i kinda got lost in a sea of rice scrolling through rice cakes for a second...) i'm not gonna lie.

))))(((((((((little too long of a story to explain right now.

but again steering this post back toward coherent (flaoabw.)

(really failed at that.., but i think it's funny.) subject change!!!

does anyone know of any strong gang affiliations to the minonk, illinois? unlimited turbo tattoo... who know's how to screen cap off of n64 from a laptop?

gotta stop posting shit on sffixed.