cheap content. exclusive! my rat tail! you see'd it here first son!

yes it's true. over half the time i'm posting here, i'm butt-ass-naked.

i just reassessed my situation and realized my bare ass is currently resting on a manilla envelope (which i need to mail something in) that i left on the seat of my desk chair. i think it's been there for almost a week. that's probably not too hygienic for the postal workers union.

maple cookies = tumbleweeds.

lol. 'weed.'

good riding. good spots. perfect opening song?

sawthatnew... sawthatnew... watchmans movie tonight (pho-free!)

cheap content review of watchmans: i remember there being a decent amount of tittays in the story... but there were a lot of tittays in the movie.

cheap content predicts the future: halloween 09 = way too much rorschach.

now i leave you with this...