yeah i'm just gonna go ahead and say it. fucking pop song ever.

now correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm almost positive this song was on the cd collection of popular hits called now: that's what i call music number one. i got my mom to buy me that cd from cosco. i believe it was the third cd i ever owned (following smashing pumpkin's mellon collie and the infinite sadness and of course my first ever cd... matchbox twenty's yourself and someone like you.) i used to insist on listening to this song everyday from the back seat (i was fat and weird) of my mom's mini van (i had one of those cassette to portable cd player converter tapes) when she'd drive me to summer school. which was awesome because the elementary school i went to didn't have a big enough computer lab so i was taking classes at a middle school (highfive!)

i hate everything about computers. well... maybe i still like oregon trail. but whatever.

damn shit! this song is so good...