what the shit santa cruz?

after creep'n out on the google maps function with my tracker i happened across my home fucking town that i happened to have been born in... yeah i'm basically a home town hero! (did you know i was on prom court in high school?) i've even queef'd out the link here a few times on the facebook.

yep! looks like scott checked it once at school and somebody out (and this is where the story gets interesting...) at the golf course. you know, out play'n frisbee golf, drink'n a beer ...happened across a wifi hot spot! what the shit else would a homie do?

nobody. else. (and i thought i was pulling decent traffic too)

i want my book back...

5 fucking 2 sharks.

nell's gonna owe me a six (12345) pack of double daddy tomorrow morning. which is gonna suck for her. i said i didn't want to bet!

i fucked up my walkmen in high school. i need a (hand held) tape recorder. who's sell'n? c'mon you're all broke.

professional bmx riders on television (they even got some fixies in there for a second!] i heard michael phelps got dropped from subway. maybe nigel can grab another sponsor... [/hate] he still is an amazing rider, he deserves his shit.

i've got bets to win. i'm hitting the sack... really hard... with my face.

*wheels turning... (dean... we need to talk this idea. godaddy?)