1. a reasonably self-sustainable freecoaster hub.
2. a decent burrito.
3. more wild turkey 101. (keep yo eyes peel'd! "release the turkey" viral ad campaign '09)
4. ipod touch.
5. a rat tail.
6. the confidence that comes with knowing at least one person will be at my funeral.
7. a robotic right shoulder.
8. the past 3 years of my life back.
9. plane tickets... amount: lots!
10. gt dropnose. (pictured above)
11. a volcano.
12. some new loteks. (that have soles that doesn't go to shit after 4 months)
13. a lightsaber.
14. lvl 99 blastoise.
15. more almonds!
16. the sharks to take the cup this year.
17. a semi-decent weekend next week.
18. xbox 360 and left 4 dead.
19. 1 decent drinking buddy.
20. a dumb tattoo. (so i can fit in)
21. another chance.
22. johnny's job.
23. to have bryn pick his fucking phone up. (haven't seen that cunt in weeks)
24. to go to school on monday and have an alright time.
25. fuck ups? what are those?
26. not to end this piece of poo on #25.