if anyone has a shittier blog than cc. it's this asshat.

but i fucking love it! the a.r. experience is the first blog i check every morning. for the most part, his average post is pretty bland (posts about stupid sneakers/glasses, his brothers music project, his rich dad, etc.) ...but every so often he drops one of those 24 karat turds that are just hilarious (his "my thoughts" posts are my favorite.) quite a few people on the internet like to give him a hard time because he mainly blogs about ridiculously expensive material goods (in a recession) and just all around thinks he's more famous than he really is. he even had his own episode of my super sweet 16th birthday party on mtv, where they profile hip teenagers right before their 16th birthday and have competitions to see who can blow their rich parents money in the most annoying way possible. i'm not really blogging about him to suggest you all should start reading the a.r. experience but trust me if anything interesting happens... i'll be posting it here.

so now i leave you with a couple of my favorite aaron reid moments.