holeshot 4

"maybe it will inspire someone to start their own zine too or do something new, it's definitely for everybody. you don't need an expensive camera, you don't need anything at all, just draw pictures and it will be cool. it's for everbody... bmx is definitely for everybody... i think people forget that sometimes."

from bikes with scooter geometry to adam22 and all the hate on the internet... well, to be perfectly frank the modern bmx scene is a joke. but after thumbing through my copy of holeshot #4 that delightfully arrived at my door today, i'm really happy that i ride a little kids bike (well... not currently.) the content doesn't run the same parallels as what you'd find in transworld or bmx plus! (you know, 7-11 garbage.) shared stories of cutty spots and the hurtles that were jumped for one chance at it, the gonz (nuff said,) some amazing shots from ted van orman and dirt ron (bay game all star) hitting the home ave ditch. it's all put together by nick ferreira photographer/designer/la-transplant. if you want to borrow my copy just drop me a line, but please help a brother out, for $10 you get a subscription for 3 issues (about a year.) i've come to realize i'd have to be pret-tay pret-tay drunk to say bmx comes anywhere near having universal appeal, but you don't necessarily have to have grown up idolizing taj and joe to get way more than $3 worth of enjoyment from each issue. in a time when print media (especially in bmx) is going through a quick death, holeshot is proving that you can spend all day on message boards and the come up, but nothing really holds up to something tangible. i really hope this type of attitude picks up in bmx, it would be pretty sick if all the 15 year old pricks that are always at the park (one of the better reasons to ride in the morning) started riding real man bikes. maybe kids will stop pumping out self-filmed web vids every other week and spend a little time to make something with an idea behind it, maybe we all can go back to just riding chrome or black rims, maybe i don't need that 21lb bike, maybe i'll look back on all these footjam whips i've been doing on mellow banks and laugh, maybe people will start to appreciate the looks of a 39t race sprocket again, maybe the biggest bmx blog in the world shouldn't be run by a guy who pulled a knife on somebody at the 9th st trails, maybe we should all just go back to pedaling our asses off towards a pallet propped up against a dumpster again...

anyways. i'm done ranting. nick, come back to santa cruz. i'll buy you a tecate.

sidenote: vimby = kick'n ass recently. they could easily interview nigel sylvester or cory nastagio and get tons of hits. but instead they have quite a few great interviews with lesser knowns. now they just need to do something about that horrible layout they have.